Academic Programs Offered by the Dept. of Physics/Science

It is with great sorrow and frustration that I am compelled to announce that Bemidji State University no longer has viable programs in Physics, Pre-Engineering, and Engineering Physics. Policy decisions made by the previous two university administrations during the past 15 years have resulted in the effective elimination of the Department of Physics/Science as anything other than a service department for non-Physics programs.

Individuals interested in studying Physics or Engineering in the northern Minnesota region should consider the University of Minnesota Duluth (Physics, Engineering) in Duluth, MN, Itasca Community College (Pre-Engineering) in Grand Rapids, MN, the University of North Dakota (Physics, Engineering) in Grand Forks, ND, and North Dakota State University (Physics, Engineering) in Fargo, ND. Of course, undergraduate physics and engineering programs exist everywhere, so one can can pick any region in the world and find a program that meets any individual's academic study requirements.

I wish you well in your pursuit of a diffcult but very rewarding career in Physics or Engineering. North America needs more Physical Scientists and Engineers than ever. As a physicist or engineer, you will be gainfully employed whenever you wish to be.

Stevens F Johnson
January, 2011

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