Stevens F. Johnson
All Classes Taught at Bemidji State University

Below are two lists of the classes I have taught while at Bemidji State. In 1998, we converted from the quarter system to the semester system, but not all courses survived the transition, and many of those that did were modified a bit to accomodate a different academic calendar.

Semester Classes Since Fall 1998 Quarter Classes Fall 1985 to Spring 1998
Physics, General Physics, and Physical Science Labs Physics, General Physics, and Physical Science Labs
General Physics I, II Philosophy of Science
Meteorology Physical Science II
Astronomy Introduction to Engineering
Dynamics General Physics I, II, III
Engineering Simulation and Design Physics II, III
Modern Physics Engineering Simulation and Design
Circuit Analysis Modern Physics
Mathematical Methods for Engineering Circuit Analysis I, II
Thermodynamics Mathematical Methods of Physics I, II
Systems and Controls Thermodynamics
Mathematical Methods of Applied Physics Systems and Controls I
Advanced Laboratory Advanced Laboratory
Engineering Design Project I, II Engineering Design Project
Senior Project Senior Project
Electromagnetic Fields and Waves Electromagnetic Fields and Waves I, II
Optics Optics
Theoretical Physics
Astrophysics I, II
Fluid Mechanics

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