Stevens F. Johnson's Interesting Links

This page is still under construction. The list is currently random. Someday, I'll attempt to create some more order for it.

The best general search engine on the Internet is Google. Use it as your first choice to find anything, particularly if you have little information to start.
Install the most recent version of Firefox. I have found it is the most secure web browser.
Install the most recent version of Internet Explorer, if you insist. You'll make Uncle Bill (Gates) happy.
Install the most recent (free) version of Acrobat Reader. Portable Document Files (pdf) are indispensable to the virtual universe of the Internet.
Go here for a mostly completed Astronomy Links page.
For lots of useful and interesting stuff about Physics and Astronomy, try PhysLink. FAQs, history, news, and further links to anything remotely related to Physics or Astronomy.
If you believe (or hope) we are not alone in the Universe, help find ET using Seti@home. Specifically, you can download the free program for your computer (here) that will run in the background, analyzing radio signals from deep space received at the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico. The founding sponsor of Seti@home is The Planetary Society.