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NRAO Ninth Synthesis Imaging Summer School Gallery

Prof. Johnson attended an eight-day school on synthesis imaging techniques using radio astronomy array data such as acquired at the Very Large Array (VLA) in Socorro, New Mexico. The School was held at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory's (NRAO) and New Mexico Tech's VLA facilities at Socorro June 15 through June 22, 2004. One hundred forty eight participants from thirty five countries attended, with a dozen or so turned away for lack of space.

The best of my photographs are linked below. They were all taken by a 5.0 MP digital camera. For more photos from the School by other participants, go here.

Click on the links to view the individual galleries. Some of the images are of high resolution, so there may be substantial delays as they are downloaded. You are free to use and distribute the photographs of this gallery subject to fair and reasonable restrictions and requirements.*

The School Bell     Claire and the School Bell

The Reception     The Friday Evening Reception

The Picnic & the Pool Party     The Picnic and the Pool Party

The Array     The Array   That is, the Very Large VLA.

The Tutorial Partners     The Tutorial Partners

The Other Dinners     The Other Dinners

The Whole Group     The Whole Group

The Other Array     The Other Array   That is, the Really Big Very Large VLBA.   (It was on the way home.)

Future Trek     Future Trek   (It was on the way home also.)

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