Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox

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These are, of course, the original Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox statues, constructed in 1937 for display in Bemidji. All other statues of the legendary characters are mere pretenders or copy cats. Paul and Babe are three times the height of us ordinary mortals. Paul was modeled after the mayor of Bemidji at the time. The Kodak Company claims that Bemidji's Paul and Babe are the second most photographed statues in the US, after Mount Rushmore.

Every story has at least two sides. The same is true for statues: This is the other side of the Paul and Babe statues. It is probably a pretty good guess that you have never seen this side of the story. Now you have. Now you can brag about it.

As alluded above, there frequently is more than two sides to a story (statue). This is the third side. [By the way, is Babe a boy ox or a girl ox? You cannot tell from these pictures. See below]

"Look into my eyes." [Babe was "born" a boy, but he's a eunuch now. Some blue nose ladies during the late 1930's decided that a naked ox assaulted their delicate sensibilities, so they decided that removing Babe's genitalia would make them feel less assaulted. He hasn't been the same since.]

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