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Click on the links to view photographs of people, places, and events associated with the Department.
Some of the images are of high resolution, so there may be substantial delays as they are downloaded. You are free to use and distribute the photographs of this gallery subject to fair and reasonable restrictions and requirements.*
Stevens F Johnson
Stevens F Johnson
Physics Club Gallery
Physics Club
Sattgast Hall, Bemidji, and Surroundings Gallery under construction
Campus Plus
Astronomy Camp Gallery under construction
Astronomy Camp
NRAO Chautauqua Gallery
NRAO Chautauqua
Haystack Chautauqua Gallery
Haystack Chautauqua
NRAO Synthesis Imaging Summer School Gallery
Synthesis Imaging Summer School
NAIC-NRAO Single Dish Summer School Gallery
Single Dish Summer School

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*The restrictions and requirements are:
    1.   You may not appropriate any image as your own, or knowingly allow any such impression to others.
    2.   You may not modify any image in any manner, or knowingly suggest such to others.
    3.   You will attribute copyright ownership of all images to the Department of Physics/Science, Bemidji State University, Bemidji, MN USA.
    4.   You will communicate these restrictions to whom you distribute these images.

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