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Much can be learned about Science by laughing at Science and laughing with Scientists (and would-be Scientists). Below is a growing collection of my favorite cartoons that derive their humor from some aspect of Science, those who do Science, and those who think they are doing Science. Of course, there is a small price you must pay to peek at my choices: Click on the cartoon of your choice to see my comments on it and how it relates to Science (as well as seeing it at full size). I'm sure you won't mind learning something about me and my profession while you are chuckling.* (This is a work-in-progress. Some of the cartoon pages below may not be linked or complete yet.)
Sounds like math!
How Fast? Who Cares?

Oh Yeah?!     Oh yeah!?

Really strict!
Really Strict Computer

Call me Amber.     Call me Amber.

What's On?
What's on?

Saucer Earth     Good thing it's not flat!

'Round and'round and'round ...
'Round and 'round and 'round ...

Nonconforming Science(?)     Nonconforming Science(?)

Hide the good stuff!
Hide the good stuff!

Eraser fight!     Eraser fight!

What IS the speed of light?
... And in furlongs per fortnight.

Ahhrrrrrr!     Ahhrrrrrr!

Must I answer?
Boy, is that dumb!

Water?  What water?     Water?

Surely, they don't believe it!
Do they?

So smart, yet ...     If we're so smart ...?

It's an honor.
It's an honor, isn't it?
The order matters?
There's more? And the order matters?
Wait! I don't want weight!
They know about what they're talking.
They know about what they're talking.
I don't like spiders and snakes! Especially snakes.

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